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"Hi, princess!" What a great feeling it was to be home and to be welcomed like that. He scooped her up into his arms and gave her a big hug. "I’ve missed you so much." 

She flung her arms around his neck, and automatically curled into his hug. ” ‘issed yoo, Daddy!” She grinned up at him, before her brows furrowed, “No more ouchies?”




"Good morning, sweetie! Gramma’s here to play with you for a few hours." She smiles at the little princess, "We’re going to have tons of fun! I missed you so much!"

"Mmm?" Lian mumbled turning over onto her side facing Dinah. Sleepily, the five year old reached for her. It was obvious Lian had inherited Roy’s ‘not a morning person’ gene.

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Hands her an unloaded gun. [ yeah that would be canon Roy yer a terrible father.]

Lian grinned up at her daddy, and tried to aim the gun at the cartoon on the tv.



"It’s my bug!" Cassie caught the little girl on the fly, drawing her in for a tight (but not too tight) hug. "Oh Lian I missed you so much…" and she meant it, the sound of her voice was pure longing for the hugs she could only get from the little girl. 

As soon as she was caught, Lian flung her arms around her aunt’s neck, clinging to the blonde. “I missed yoo, Sassie! Missed yoo, lots and lots!” And the five year old would happily give hugs to her one of her favorite aunts. “Guessest what!”

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"SASSIESASSIESASSIE!" The ball of energy that was the youngest arrow jumped off the couch and darted toward the blonde.




"Daddy’s home!"

"DADDEEEE!" Lian squealed jumping off the couch and taking a running start toward him.

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Daily Sketch 07.04.2014

Justice League: Red Arrow


"Well, we give her a lot of practice at that.”


         ”Hm, Teddy toast?” He scratched his chin thoughtfully, “I don’t know… Teddy toast is usually only for good little girls who go to bed on time…” He glanced down at her and sighed dramatically, “But I guess we can make an exception just this once if you promise not to repeat any of those naughty words Aunty Mia said.”

"I dont..I’m Gramma’s fav’rite. She said so."

Her lips formed into a pout at the first part of his statement, fearing that she would be in trouble. But the second part of the statement, a happy grin came across her face. “Yay!” She giggled crawling over to him, and plopping into his lap. “I wromise!”

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